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Bath Family Mediation

John Brownrigg, Bath Family Mediator

Portrait of John Brownrigg
Having practised as a family law solicitor for 35 years, I know that mediation is a great process to resolve issues between parting couples - John Brownrigg
Please note that mediation services are continuing online throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

John Brownrigg, Bath Family Mediator, practised as a Family Law Solicitor for 35 years. I know that mediation is a great process to resolve issues between parting couples - it is for this reason that I have now decided to specialise in family mediation only.

Mediation, mediation, mediation

If you have decided that divorce or separation is the way forward for you, I invite you to attend mediation meetings with me, John Brownrigg, as a route to reduce conflict, protect family wealth and to facilitate co-parenting through and beyond separation.

Rather than going straight to court, mediation is quicker, cheaper and offers lasting outcomes as the decisions belong to you. During mediation meetings, I don't take sides and I don't give advice.

John Brownrigg's book 'Divorce - Make it work better'

I do, however, give information and help you explore options in order to find long-lasting solutions to your own issues.

I have also published a book giving information about divorce, and how I feel it should be approached. Entitled Divorce - make it work better, it is available directly from me or as a Kindle book on Amazon and is described more fully on the book page.

About me

My career as a solicitor, mediator, arbitrator and collaborative lawyer started in 1978. I was a Partner at Stone King in Bath, where I am now a Consultant in the Family Law and Mediation Team, and all my mediation work is through their offices. My mediation encompasses divorce and separation with a focus on complex financial matters including pension-splitting, divorce involving business assets, trusts and foreign property, together with all children issues, including with an international aspect. I am a member of the Family Mediators Association and Resolution. I have qualified as a Family Law Arbitrator.

My role is to help separating and divorcing couples to reduce conflict and explore positive solutions. As an Accredited Mediator (also qualified to consult with children) I have the depth of experience to impartially assist separating couples to explore options in a constructive way.

If it is convenient for you to attend mediation in London, then I may be able to assist. If I am unable to assist, or if you wish to mediate elsewhere in the UK, that can be arranged through our trusted partners, but for the most part the Bath Family Mediation service is for couples in Bath, North Somerset, Bristol and West Wiltshire.

To get in touch, please telephone me on 01225 324472 or fill in the boxes below.

If you are a solicitor looking to refer a client for mediation, please use this referral form in PDF format.

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