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John Brownrigg
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About mediation

Mediation gives you control over the outcome of your divorce

Mediation takes place between you and your partner, facilitated by me. By discussing what is best for you and your family, mediation can offer longer-lasting, considered solutions all round. It can be emotionally sensitive as it involves both of you exploring solutions for yourselves and your family through direct communication rather than legal correspondence and negotiation.

Although your solicitor will not be present, you can take legal advice at any time to help you reach or record a joint decision.

For my part, I will remain neutral throughout the discussions, with the key objective being a resolution for you both and for the family as a whole.

The mediation process starts with a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting, often referred to as a MIAM. If you get in touch with me, I will probably set up a MIAM in the first instance.

Attending a MIAM may be a requirement before you go to court

Once a divorce has been decided as the way forward, you and your partner can go straight to the family court for the divorce, but if there are issues to be resolved within the divorce, particularly regarding children and finances, they can be dealt with by the family court and for that you will have to have attended a MIAM.

Similarly, if you are not married, wish to separate and have issues to be resolved around children, finances and/or co-habitation that go to court, you will have to have attended a MIAM.

So, if you are the Applicant planning to issue proceedings, it is a requirement that you have attended a MIAM (and it is an expectation that any Respondent would also have attended a MIAM).

The standard principles and terms of mediation are spelt out on the terms page.

Legal aid

Legal aid may be available for qualifying couples attending Bath family mediation and your eligibility for it is assessed using this eligibility form in PDF format. If you get public funding for mediation, that in itself can then provide a passport to legal advice by way of Help With Mediation from legal firms who do legal aid work.

Privacy policy

Bath Family Mediation work is handled by Stone King LLP, trading as ‘Stone King’, a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number OC315280, whose address is at 13 Queen Square Bath BA1 2HJ and their privacy policy applies.

Bath Family Mediation is a lead-generating entity. In many cases Bath Family Mediation will refer matters on to trusted partners. Bath Family Mediation is not regulated and is not offering legal services or mediation. These are provided through trusted partners.

For legal advice and mediation we will refer to Stone King LLP which is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA Number 427864).

Further details are on the privacy policy page.

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